Paul Lang-van Lier

 Vibraphonist         Marimbaphonist

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Paul Lang- van Lier

Mobil: 0049 17641784014



Pimary residence:
Schloßfeldstr. 6,
84378 Dietersburg
0049 8565 1269


Secondary residence:
Spreewaldstr. 1a
15741 Bestensee
0,5 km of ABC area Berlin
0049 33763 229350

Paul Lang van Lier

Born in 1960 in Oss in the Netherlands.

I live in Germany since 1980.
Music studies at the Academy of Music Arnhem / Netherlands, major subject drums.

A private student of Prof. Hermann Gschwendner Munich.
Versatile experiences:

Jazz, Latin, Crossover or pure classical music.
International appearances as 
jazz-vibraphonist, marimbaphonist, and drummer in my own quartet and various orchestras and ensembles.
In the 80s I played two and a half years with Hannes 
Beckmanns Sinto vibraphone /marimba in Munich.
In addition, many concerts and television and radio appearances with, inter alia,
Serten KrsticAnja Lechner, Atilla Zoller, Jürgen Seefelder,

Roberto di Gioia, Wolfgang Haffner, Dieter Koehnlein, Kim Barth,

and many others.
Lecturer in vibraphone, percussion and jazz harmony in various national workshops.
Experienced in guiding and leading various music ensembles (up to big bands)